Sassa Warns of False Competitions in Their Name

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Sassa Warns of False Competitions in Their Name

If you are a regular social media user, there is a bigger possibility that you have seen one or more of the false information about Sassa services. The South African Social Security Agency cautions the public about a competition false information making rounds on the social media.

Sassa alert

On the 31st of May, Sassa posted an announcement on their social media pages about a post claiming to be from Sassa Their message reads “SASSA warns the public against the below fake information. The agency ONLY provides social grants and distances itself from any money related competitions”

Here is a message that the potential scammer posted.Sassa Wars of false information

How avoid false information?

You can avoid the potential of being scammed on th socials by doing the following:

  1. Follow Sassa’s official social media platforms
  2. Visit Sassa or Social Development websites for updates
  3. Only use reputable websites for news and updates
  4. Do not reply to competition messages
  5. Don’t click on untrustworthy links on social media
  6. Do not provide your personal information on any website or social media pages that does not belong to Sassa or Social Development.
  7. Do not give out your card number to any one
  8. Do not give out your PIN number to anyone
  9. Do not share a picture of your Sassa card with anyone

What to do when suspecting fraudulent message?

If the message comes via SMS, block that number immediately

On social media, un-friend or unfollow suspcious friends, groups or pages

Report such pages or posts to be blocked by the media houses.

What are Sassa Official Platforms?

The following are Sassa official Platforms:




Sassa Call Centre 080 060 1011

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