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Directorate: Facilities Management

SALARY : R151 884 per annum, (plus benefits)
CENTRE : Johannesburg (Head Office)

REQUIREMENTS : The successful candidate should have Grade 12 certificate. A minimum of 2 years’ experience in cleaning services environment. Skills: Ability to Communicate well with People at Different Levels and from different Backgrounds.

DUTIES : Oversee cleaning services of offices, general kitchens, restrooms, elevators and boardrooms. Manage and ensure the maintenance of cleaning materials and equipment. Ensure maintenance and replacement of cleaning machines and equipment’s. Make a requisition and issue cleaning materials. Supervise cleaners.

Perform administrative and related functions. Provide guidance and advice cleaners. Develop and update the cleaning roster.

ENQUIRIES : Mr. Ouwen Gaveni Tel No: 011 355 2861/2606/2539


Directorate: Security and Facilities Management

SALARY : R128 166 per annum, (plus benefits)
CENTRE : Johannesburg (Head Office)

REQUIREMENTS : The successful candidate should have Basic Security Officer’s Course. Basic education and Training. Registered with Psira. A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in government premises. Knowledge of control and access to public premises Act 246 53 of 1985. Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 85 of 1993. Knowledge of MISS, & Psira Act 56 of 2001). Knowledge of emergency procedures in the workplace.

DUTIES : Perform access control functions which will include the following: determine whether visitors have appointments/ or the service that the visitor requires. Contact the relevant employee to confirm the appointment or refer the visitor to the relevant service delivery point. Complete or ensure that the admission control documents/cards as required. Escort visitors to relevant employee/venues where required. Operate X-ray machines where applicable. Lock and unlock entrances. Identify suspicious conduct.

Identify suspicious conduct. Ensure that unauthorized persons and dangerous objects do not enter the building/premises. Follow-up incidents. Ensure safety in the building and the premises. This will include following; undertake building/premises patrols identify and check; that doors are locked or unlocked as required; water leaks and that taps are closed; fire hazards, exposed electrical contact and other fire hazards emanating from for instance chemicals; lights, switch on and off as required; and suspicious objects and packages. Apply emergency procedures (in situations like bomb scares, riots etc) and alert emergency services and department security management.

Ensure that all assets do not leave or enter the building or premises unauthorized. This will include the following tasks: ensure that all assets which leave the premises are accompanied by pass-out; inspect vehicles entering and leaving the premises; gather information and report on missing and stolen equipment and stores; handle documents at points of entry according to classification and the prescripts. Ensure all incidents are recorded in the occurrence books/registers.

ENQUIRIES : Mr. Nkhumeleni Magadze Tel No: 011 355 2720/2606/2539/2861

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