Sassa Payment Dates from Now until March 2023

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The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is a Social Development Department entity responsible for administration and disbursement of social assistance to the needy South Africans, documented refugees and permanent citizens of the country.

Sassa Branches

Sassa has branches in all South African Provinces and the branches opens daily to assist clients and beneficiaries in their local areas.

Social Grants Payments

It is the responsibility of the South African Social Security Agency to disburse social grants monthly to the right person at the right time. Sassa distributes social grants at the beginning of each month starting on the second day of the month. If these days fall on weekends, Sassa uses the next weekdays to disburse the grants.

Payment Methods

The grants are paid into the recipients’ Sassa cards and are collected in various ways such as ATMs, Retail tellers or cash points. In the month of May however, Sassa experienced challenges in servicing the pay points leading to encouraging beneficiaries to use alternative methods to access their funds.

Payment Schedule for 2022 to 2023

Sassa published payment dates for the rest of the year until March 2023. Below is a schedule for Sassa payment dates for 2022 to 2023.

Here are the Sassa payment dates for the rest of 2022 until March 2023

April 202204 April 202205 April 202206 April 2022
May 202203 May 202204 May 202205 May 2022
June 202202 June 202203 June 202206 June 2022
July 202204 July 202205 July 202206 July 2022
August 202202 August 202203 August 202204 August 2022
September 202202 September 202205 September 202206 September 2022
October 202203 October 202204 October 202205 October 2022
November 202202 November 202203 November 202204 November 2022
December 202201 December 202202 December 202205 December 2022
January 202303 January 202304 January 202305 January 2023
February 202302 February 202303 February 202306 February 2023
March 202302 March 202303 March 202306 March 2023

June Payment Dates

The payment dates for the month of June are 02 June, 03 June and 06 June 2022. See full details here.

Get monthly payment dates

If by mistake, you can’t access these dates in future, keep visiting for monthly social grants payment dates. We continuously publish Sassa social grants payment dates monthly.

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