September Sassa R350 SRD Pay Days Until Month End

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The payments for the Sassa R350 SRD Grant will continue from Tuesday 19 September 2022 following a long Easter weekend.

Below are there Sassa R350 SRD grant payment dates for mid-September 2022 until month end. The dates released for Sassa R350 SRD Grant shows that there are four payment days on each of the remaining two weeks of September.

Week after Easter Weekend

The week after Easter weekend has been affected by the grant payments. Payments for the week will start from Tuesday until Friday as Monday was a public holiday. Sassa and SAPO do not disburse any payments on public holidays.

Last Week of September

For the last week of September , also 4 days has been scheduled for grants payment. That’s because the 27th of September is a public holiday (National Freedom Day). So, the payments will be made on the 25th, 26th, 28th and 29th of September for that week.

Week after Easter Weekend Payment Dates

The following are the SAPO pay dates for the distribution of the R350 Grant to the recipients with the following three digits of their ID numbers:

September 19: 082 & 087 

September 20: 083 & 088 

September 21: 084 & 089 

September 22: 080 & 085

Payment Dates for Last Week of September 2022

The following are the last week of April payment dates for the Social Relief of Distress Grant:

September 25: 081 & 086 

September 26: 082 & 087

September 28: 083 & 088 

September 29: 084 & 089

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