Sassa Payment Dates for 2022 Old Age Pension

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Sassa Payment Dates for 2022 Old Age Pension: The Old Age Pension Grant is a social assistant for the elderly persons residing in South Africa. From the age of 60, one can apply for social assistant from South African Government through their Social Development entity, the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA).

About the Grant

The Older Pensioner Grant as it may be called, comprises of those under the age of 70 and those above the age of 70. The payout for the two categories are not equal.

Sassa payout dates for 2022 Old Age Pension

Here are the Old Age Pension payment dates for the rest of 2022. These schedule starts from September 2022 to March 2023. This was released by Sassa earlier in the beginning of 2022.

September 202202 September 2022
October 202203 October 2022
November 202202 November 2022
December 202201 December 2022
January 202303 January 2023
February 202302 February 2023
March 202302 March 2023

Sassa Old Age Pension Payment Dates for 2022 to 2023

Other Grants Payment Dates for 2022

You may find other grants payment dates for 2022 . There are payment dates for Disability Grants, payment dates for Child Support Grant as well. You may also check the Sassa social grant payment dates for September 

How to Contact Sassa

To get in contact with Sassa you may use several options such as call centre, local offices, website, email or social media pages.

On the socials, you must be aware of the non-official Sassa pages and groups.

Here are the links to the official Sassa social media platforms:

Facebook: Sassa News Link:

Twitter: SASSA Link:

Get Next Sassa Payment Dates

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