Proposal: From R350 to R624 SRD Threshold

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Proposal: From R350 to R624 SRD Threshold

The Social Development Minister has made proposal that people earning up to R634 per month should qualify for R350 SRD Grant.

This comes after the new regulations left out a lot of people not qualifying to get the grant as the threshold to qualify for the grant has been reduced to R350.

Past Qualifying Criteria

In 2020 when the SRD Grant was established, it was indicated that those earning R595 or less per month can qualify for the grant. Under the revised regulations, only those getting R350 or less per month can qualify for the R350 grant

Reconfirmation for SRD Grant

Did you know that after every three months, to Sassa? Yes, the new guidelines for the current cycle of R350 grant require that applicants reconfirm the need for the grant after every three months.

It has been three month already since the current cycle has started. In July, applicants have to reconfirm their applications. According to Sassa, reconfirming applications, let’s Sassa know that the applicants still needs the R350 grant and they still qualify

How can one reconfirm R350 Grant

There are full details on . Read all about Sassa SRD reconfirmation for July 2022.

How to Apply for the R350 Grant?

Applications may be logged on the SRD website. To apply go to and follow the instructions.

Question time

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