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Joint Operations, SA Special Forces, Special Forces Supply Unit

SALARY : R181 599 per annum (Level 06)
CENTRE : Wallmansthal

REQUIREMENTS : NQF 4 (Grade 12 or equivalent). Special requirements/skills needed: Knowledge of typing rules, Computer literacy (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Analytical and innovative thinking ability, problem-solving skills, and working under pressure.

DUTIES: Ensure that the correct procedure is executed with the detaining of tenders and quotations. Evaluate and facilitate approval on all purchase orders and coordinate with assistants and buyers to ensure the accuracy of all deliveries. Identify priorities in the procurement plan and attend to the highest priority first. Ensure effective communication with product and system managers. Evaluate the procedures and regulations related to the procurement of all commercial items. Ensure procurement instructions received from State Tender Board are adhered to.

ENQUIRIES: Lt K.O. Bulannga Tel No: (012) 529 1404/WO2 M.J. Tladi Tel No: (012) 529 1434.

APPLICATIONS: Department of Defence, Special Forces Supply Unit, Private Bag X3, Pyramid, 0120 or May be hand delivered at Special Forces Supply Unit, Wallmansthal

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