Matric Results 2022 / 2023: When They Will Be Released and How to Check Them Online

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The official matric exam results for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) 2022 academic year will be released on 20 January 2023.

In South Africa there are many ways to check your Matric results, you can get your matric results the traditional way on a newspaper, on the day of the matric results release, or get them online on the Department of Education website and website listed below or also via SMS.

What is the 2022 Matric Results release date?

The Department of Education is responsible for mandating all educational aspects of the country, as such, it is the prerogative of the Department to release all Matric results. According to the Department of Education, the 2022 Matric statement of results will be released on 20 January 2023 at exam centers and schools(Should your results not be available then, due to a technical issue, this will be communicated to you by your school).

What are the Matric Result’s pass symbols?

When applying for tertiary studies and bursaries, you may have come across the requirement “must have achieved a minimum of Level 5” for a certain subject. Each symbol on a Matric Certificate correlates with a specific percentage, here is what they mean:

  • Level 7: means you have achieved 80 to 100% (Outstanding)
  • Level 6: means you have achieved 70 to 79% (Meritorious)
  • Level 5: means you have achieved 60 to 69% (Substantial)
  • Level 4: means you have achieved 50 to 59% (Moderate)
  • Level 3: means you have achieved 40 to 49% (Adequate)
  • Level 2: means you have achieved 30 to 39% (Elementary)
  • Level 1: means you have achieved 0 to 29% (Not achieved)

How to get your 2022 Matric Results?

There are a few ways to obtain your final Matric results, which we will outline below:


1. Online (on the Department of Basic Education website)

  • Visit the DBE 2022 SC Examination Result page
  • Enter your exam number in the given field (the number your received during your exams)
  • Enter your relevant home language
  • Fill in your details

Note: there could be a delay in response or the loading time as the website could be experiencing a lot of traffic, as many matriculants will be checking their results at the same time. Don’t worry – this will not affect your results, you will still receive them once the webpage has loaded.

2. Online (on the News24 website)

3. In the newspaper

The second way of checking your results is by checking your local newspaper, such as The Rapport, The Star, and The Argus – the results are usually published at the same time as the Department’s release date (20 January 2023.) Now you are probably thinking “Oh no! Will the whole country see my marks?” and the answer is no. The papers will only post your relevant overall mark symbol and whether or not you have passed.

4. From your high school

All high schools are requested to release their student’s results the day after the department has released the Matric 2022 marks. These results will reflect your marks for every subject but once again, this document is NOT your final Matric certificate. Your school will notify you when you can fetch your official printed Matric certificate which will only be available after a few months from the result release date.


1. Online (on the IEB website)

  • Visit the IEB 2022 Matric Result page
  • Enter your exam number in the given field (the number your received during your exams)
  • Enter your date of birth

What should I do once I get my 2022 Matric results?

Once you get your Matric results, you will need to wait a couple of months before getting your official Matric certificate from your high school. Once you have your official Matric certificate, you can then start looking at universities, tech schools, TVET colleges, or private colleges that you wish to apply to. From there on, you begin your next journey as you enter your adventure to tertiary studies!

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