Don’t Apply for Sassa R700 Grant – It Does not Exist

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The Sassa R700 Grant has been trending and people are looking for application forms for this grant. You may be shocked to find out that there is no grant known as the R700 grant. Read more below and see what Sassa said about the R700 grant.

There are people on social media who continues to advertise the R700 grant; these are untrue information as Sassa said there is no such grant.

False ad about R700 grant

The advert reads “In 2022, over 575,000 citizens will receive R700 payment. This is part of Sassa 2022 budget to support all South Africa (sic) citizens. Applications has began and citizen (sic) that have applied have started getting their R700 payments.”

Sassa has recently indicated that there is no such grant.

Caution from Sassa

On their Twitter page (@OfficialSassa), The South African Social Security Agency has announced that the advert in question is fake. They keep warning the public about this false information.

Sassa message reads: “Please note that the below advert is FAKE and does not come from SASSA. No additional grant type is offered apart from the ones announced by SASSA”.

About R350 SRD Grant

The current SRD Grant pays R350 to approved applicants for the period determined. If you have not applied for the grant you can do so when Sassa reopens for the reapplication. Sassa has announced that they are not taking any new applications for the R350 grant.

Grant extension

The grant has been stretched by another 12 months by the president. The question you may be asking yourself could be, do I need to reapply? Well, there is no need to apply if you are already approved. Sassa will continue paying your grant if your financial circumstances has not changed. Only those who have been rejected may reapply or submit an appeal to Sassa. Read further below about submitting appeal to Sassa for the R350 SRD Grant.

Appeal process

If you have applied for the R350 SRD grant and your application has been rejected, look at the steps to follow in order to make an appeal for reconsideration.

How to appeal if your R350 grant application is rejected

The first step is to go to the SRD Website with is

Scroll down to a section marked “Application for reconsideration”

Click on “Click here to apply or check reconsideration status”

Follow the remaining steps as instructed.

Question time

Have you recently heard that Sassa is not processing new SRD R350 grant applications? What do you think about this?

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